Beyond Reliability... Continuity.

Building Sciences is committed to the highest levels of infrared thermography using the best people, training, software and instrumentation in the industry. We design comprehensive preventative maintenance (PM) plans for small to large businesses. Your business continuity and satisfaction with our services is our goal.

Our Services

Infrared Preventative Maintenance Inspections

For businesses, down time is lost revenues. In some instances, lost time cannot be recovered and costs easily rise to the hundreds of thousands per hour. A vigorous, preventative maintenance plan reduces the potentialfor downtime significantly. Annual and seasonal infrared inspections of electrical, structural and mechanical systems working at peak loads helps identify potential failures before the shut down operations.

Diagnostic Infrared Inspection

When equipment failure or structural breach may not be readily visible, an infrared inspection may be just what is needed. For example, an infrared inspection can possibly help locate a leaking unerground hot water or steam pipe, or show which electrical circuits are overloaded.

Our Equipment

Building Sciences primarily uses FLIP thermal cameras with images of at least 320x240. Just this year, we have added the latest in thermal imaging, a therman camera with a 640x480 sensor. This new breed of cameras produce a higher resolution image with greater sensitivity, which makes identifying problem areas much easier and more accurate.