Beyond Reliability... Continuity.

Building Sciences is committed to the highest levels of infrared thermography using the best people, training, software and instrumentation in the industry. We design comprehensive preventative maintenance (PM) plans for small to large businesses. Your business continuity and satisfaction with our services is our goal.

About Building Sciences

We deliver continuity.

Technology evolves. The types of information available and the means to gather data are always changing. Equipment that was once only in the hands of specialized, military or research groups is now available for genereal, professional use. Things that were hidden or obscured can be uncovered and understood non-destructively. The expertise, however, to bring this next-generation technology to the private sector must also evolve.

Building Sciences, LLC specializes in infrared inspections through the use of infrared cameras applied in nationally accepted standards. Our clients bring us a wide range of applications. We research, modify, and develop the tools and procedures to best fit them. We help our clients understand and analyze the data we collect and report, and we use a transparent, scientific approach to every task we are assigned.

Our experience in the scope and depth of the inspection techniques we use is second-to-none. We are continually learning and developing the skills required to approach inspection challenges with the respect they deserve.

We only hire the best infrared inspectors and all of our inspectors are certified at Level II or Level III (III being the highest certification available).