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Serving New York, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

From New York City to Philadelphia and everywhere in between... our infrared testing and consulting firm can deliver local servicing throughout the Mid-Atlantic region.


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We are always competitive in our pricing.

We are running a special - we will offer a 25% off our regular price for any new jobs - limit one 25% savings per customer, only good for their first job. Offer valid through 5/31/2011. Just call us now for a free, no obligation quote and see how we can save you time and money!


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Preventative Maintenance Infrared Inspections on all electrical, motor and flat roofs.

These preventative surveys help identify overloads, motors about to fail and leaks in roof systems. We develop a thorough, customized inspection plan for each customer and reports are usually delivered within 48 hours.


Who We Are

Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspections - Infrared

Building Sciences LLC is an independent infrared testing and consulting firm serving New Jersey, NYC and Philadelphia. Our infrared inspection services include: electrical systems, flat roofs, data center, wall moisture, electrical utility lines, underground pipes, electrical sub-stations, motors, mechanical systems, cold and refrigerated rooms, solar panels, boilers and refractory and building envelope & insulation.
We work with organizations small and large to develop a comprehensive maintenance plan, designed to reduce unplanned stoppages and associated costs.
Early detection of equipment about to fail is paramount to any business running smoothly. A regularly scheduled preventative maintenance plan helps reduce down time in production shops, offices, warehouses, supermarkets, hospitals etc.


Infrared inspections can also be used for diagnostic evaluations. This category of services will include sources of problems including finding moisture intrusion, pin-pointing the source of underground steam pipes that are leaking, missing insulation and air leakages in heating systems or building envelopes.
How? Every object gives off heat. Mechanical systems and electrical systems give off high amounts of heat prior to failure and these variations we can pick up with our HD infrared cameras. Conversely when we are looking for water intrusion, we may be looking for cool spots.

What We Do

Our scope of work includes regularly scheduled, annual preventative maintenance infrared and also diagnostic infrared.

- Electrical Infrared

- Regulatory Compliance

- Structural Infrared

- Preventative Maintenance

- Diagnostic Infrared

- Reliability Inspections

We document our findings on a detailed report which includes a summary of all the anomalies. This report is delivered to you stamped with our certification, in full color and is made available in PDF with two hard copies in a hard-back binder.
How can we help you? Contact us today and let us show you why Building Sciences LLC should be your partner in infrared services. We schedule infrared inspections during normal and off-peak hours at no additional cost to you.